Mary Bamburg, CPA - for Individuals and Small Businesses
Mary has been an invaluable source of information and support for our business.  As we were forming our business, Mary trained us on how to efficiently track our revenue and expenses, got us set up with a sales tax permit, and educated us on the requirements and ramifications of being self-employed.  To this end, she still handles our payroll, quarterly employment and sales tax returns, franchise tax filings, estimated tax payments, and corporate and individual income tax returns. She advised us when it made sense to switch from a sole proprietorship to an S Corporation, and she handled all of the legal filings and tax forms required. Having Mary to depend on means not having to worry about these things so we are able to focus more of our time and energy on growing our business and doing what we do best.  I would highly recommend Mary to anyone that is looking for an honest, affordable and very knowledgeable CPA!   
Kevin Moody
KMAC Air Conditioning & Heating
I have always been very careful in choosing who I have prepare my taxes and help guide me with my finances.  I am happy to say that I have been using Mary Bamburg’s services for several years now because when you finally find someone who is so very good at what they do, you do not change it!  Mary has been absolutely incredible to work with.  She defines going above and beyond for her customers because she is fantastic at anticipating the needs of her customers and providing them with information before being asked for it.  Mary doesn’t simply handle my taxes, she researches and digs into them in such a way that I am presented with what is the most beneficial for my family.  She helps me plan my deductions and provides me with insight on how to handle the new year.  Mary is extremely knowledgeable in her field and is well respected.  My finances are somewhat complex so having Mary helping me with what I ask for but also providing me with assistance in other areas I did not realize I needed some guidance in, gives me so much more confidence that I am being taken care of holistically.  She is phenomenal at explaining every detail, answering all my questions and thus helping me think through the decisions I make so that I am confident I am making the right decision. Mary Bamburg is the most trustworthy, thorough, prompt, helpful, diligent, knowledgeable and accurate CPA I have ever had the opportunity to work with. 
Lisa Meyer
We just wanted to express how much we appreciate you.  When tax season comes around each year, we know that we have an extremely confident and detail oriented "friend" looking out for us.  You are always very prepared and knowledgeable in all of the new tax laws that are applicable each year, and you have offered us some very sound tax advice and tips.  Your expertise is invaluable to us. We honestly feel guilty paying such a low price for your awesome service each year!
Trey & Vicky Dickehut